Inspired by that special connection we as equestrians have with horses combined with the eagerness and desire to make amazing and responsible equestrian wear, ECTE was established in 2021. It took us a year to design, develop and manufacture our first collection which was launched in October 2022. 

The name Ecte comes from the word connected and refers to the precious bond between the horse and the rider. The word also means real, and that’s exactly what we are all about: Real materials, real people, and real connections with our community. 

We are based in Norway and our designs are inspired by Scandinavian nature, colors, and esthetics. Our product range consists of timeless pieces that never go out of style and that we hope will be among your favorites for a long time. We do not intend to release a new collection every season but rather complement your wardrobe with updates and new colorways.

Letโ€™s stay connected

Our community is our inspiration, and we would love to hear your thoughts. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, your feedback will help us give you more of what you like and find new ways to improve. 

We would also love to see you doing what youโ€™re passionate about in your favorite Ecte items. Tag @ecte_sport in your photos or use the hashtag #ectesport to stay connected with the Ecte community.