• Meet Emilie Balling Nissen

    Meet Emilie Balling Nissen

    Emilie took a big risk and believed that she could get her top horse back from injury when others thought impossible. Read about their story and more about Emilie’s life in Denmark.

  • Jenny selected for YRA 2024

    Jenny selected for YRA 2024

    Our team rider Jenny Krogsæter made it into the very exclusive Young Riders Academy 2024! Read more about this great achievement that opens up a lot of new possibilities for Jenny.

  • Meet Caroline Holvad

    Meet Caroline Holvad

    Meet Caroline, a Danish Icelandic rider who wants to perform at the top level while also taking a degree in law. Read about her horses and how she acquired them, her goals, and how she stays connected.

  • Meet Siril Helljesen

    Meet Siril Helljesen

    Get inspired by Norwegian dressage rider Siril and her coaching plans for the National teams. Learn about her career achievements and what keeps her motivated every day.

  • Meet Linnea Storstrøm

    Meet Linnea Storstrøm

    Meet Linnea, a Norwegian show jumper who wants to go all the way to the top. Read more about her horses, her use of mental training, her goals, and how it all started out in the riding school.

  • Meet Ingrid Bjørklund

    Meet Ingrid Bjørklund

    Get to know Ingrid and her many horses, and read about how to be an active show jumper from the cold north of Norway. Learn more about Ingrid’s career highlights and goals for the future.

  • Meet Jenny Krogsæter

    Meet Jenny Krogsæter

    Read about Norwegian show jumper Jenny who works in Belgium at a large sales stable and rides at 5*-level competitions. Learn about her biggest achievements, her horses, and her stable nickname.