Meet Jenny Krogsæter

Jenny Krogsæter, Show jumper

“I want to be top 20 in the world and I want to be the best female rider worldwide.”

Tell a bit about your stable and where you are located 🙏🏻

I work at the Philippaerts stables in Belgium, a quite huge stable with room for 60 horses. We’re a big crew, with 7 rider teams in the same stables. Both our sand outdoor arena as well as our grass outdoor is very big, while our indoor arena is nice it’s not the biggest. The hacking possibilities are very good, and I use the woods around the stables a lot for that purpose. Furthermore, I have my own little stable building where I keep all of my horses gathered.

Tell us about your horses and their personalities 🐴

I usually have between 10 and 14 horses, and as we speak I have 13 that I compete with. They’re all sales horses and I usually have them for around 6 months. Some horses I get to keep a little longer as they might need some more time and work to develop. These are the horses that stick with me relation-wise and that I’ve had my greatest performances with. At the moment my top three horses are:

  • Kwik Tweet, a 9 year old chestnut KWPN, is a horse I’ve had some great recent success with. After we won together in Geneva in December, I feel like things just really loosened up for us. It was like the final piece of the puzzle suddenly fell into place. She is a little shy and bitchy, but a very sweet and kind horse otherwise.
  • Laurier is the big grey Belgian Warmblood stallion (13 years old) who took me through my very first World Cup class. Not to the best result maybe, but I don’t care about that – it felt so safe to ride him in that class and that is exactly how I’d describe him – safe and solid as a rock, nothing feels scary or dangerous when you ride him, and you can ride him towards anything without a care in the world. Everything is possible with Laurier, he makes my worries go away. He can be a little annoying though, like when he constantly scrapes his hooves on the stable floor, he nibbles a lot, and he drools like a waterfall – I usually joke about him being like a snotty child. I think Laurier will stay at the stables actually…he’s here in order for me to be able to ride the bigger classes, especially since there’s so much unpredictability with the younger sales horses.
  • Hipster is a grey 8 year old Swedish Warmblood gelding that I had in my team last year, then he went to another team at the stables, and now he’s back with me. We were a great match from the beginning and he’s more of a “girly horse”, so I’m excited to have him back. He has a whole lot of character and attitude, but as long as you don’t rub him the wrong way he’s nice – just like me.

Goals for the year and for your career ⭐️

This year I aim to ride more 5* shows, apply early to increase my chances for selection, get more ranking points in order to get accepted into more 5* shows and classes, ride Nation Cups for Norway in either 3* or 5*, more top 5 placements in 2* and 3* Grand Prix classes, and get into the shows I didn’t get into last year. And try to get into Young Rider’s Academy.

“I want to be top 20 in the world and I want to be the best female rider worldwide.”

Jenny Krogsæter

After I got the job here in Belgium and realized that I might have more potential than I first thought, I’ve discovered that I want to get as far as possible. It would so cool to ride in the Olympics, and not just barely surviving the first round and be satisfied with that, but to actually be good enough to make it to the finals. I want to be top 20 in the world and I want to be the best female rider worldwide. I’m very focused on being selfish enough to not give in before I’ve reached my goals.

Highlights of your career so far?

  • Winning both gold and silver in the Belgian Championships for 7 year olds in 2022 (out of 182 horse). I didn’t realize how big the event was and I think that came to my advantage because I didn’t get too stressed about the show, but it ended up in the papers and everything, so that was a big moment for me. This also led people to actually start noticing my riding and made the Phillipaerts give me more opportunities
  • To win the U25 5* class in Geneva. Everything was so big and I felt so small, but I managed to get my nerves under control and ride well when it came down to it.
  • Winning my first 5* class in Oslo.
  • To ride my first World Cup class – not to my preferred result but amazing to have reached and tried out that level, and to have been selected.
  • Gold in the Belgian Championship for 8 year olds in 2023 with Geronimo, who is now unfortunately sold.

Do you have any fun facts to share with us? 😜

  • One of my strengths is that I get so connected to the horses – for better or worse. They get out their best potential in the ring, but they are also a little naughty in the stables because they’re allowed to bend the rules a little bit more than usual.
  • You mostly find me in the woods – and my nickname here is “Jenny Forest”, because I hack out so much.
  • I can jump all 13 horses in my stables in one day with the same bridle, bit and martingale just to avoid extra tack cleaning at the end of the day.
  • I hate to exercise outside the stables.
  • My horses use burgundy colored halters because the Phlippaerts brothers took all the “masculine colored halters”, like the black, blue and green ones, so I got the girly color.
  • 7 of out my 13 horses are barefoot.

Connected is our DNA. What does this mean to you? 💙

It is a word that is very important in my philosophy, because my connection with my horses has always been my secret weapon. It is a strength that I’m lucky to have, and I accomplish the things I do with my horses thanks to my bond and connection to them.

Ecte share my views on these values in relation to the horses, the sport and in general: the importance of your connection with your horses, trainers, owners and sponsors. Ecte feels very safe and approachable, inviting and supportive.

Being part of the team feels like being part of an intimate and nice little group that I have good dialogue with, and I always feel like I can call and ask about things I need or wonder about.